The Parish Council

Chairman: Jade Plumbley, Parkside Cottage, Brownhills Road, Rushton, CW6 9BA



Arthur Nicholas, Park Wall Farm, Rushton, CW6 9BA

Julie O’Shea, 12 Winterford Lane, Eaton, CW6 9AP

Simon Roberts, Brownhills Cottage, Brownhills Road, Rushton, CW6 9BQ

Neil Thompson, 3 Whalley Drive, Eaton, CW6 9AW

Eddie Shaw, Hunters Lodge, Kings Lane, Rushton, CW6 9BA


Lindsey Worrall, 4 Eaton Lane, Cotebrook, CW6 9DP, 01829 760653,

Parish Council Documents (click on documents to read)

Standing Orders adopted January 2016

Financial Regulations adopted March 2016

Rushton Parish Council Annual Report 2015/2016

Code of Conduct 2012 - adopted 17th September 2012

Items of Expenditure over £100 2015-2016

Accounting Statements 2015-2016 (Audited)

Annual Governance Statement 2015-2016 (Unaudited)

Notice of Period of Electors Rights

Summary of Electors Rights

Member Responsibilities 2016-2017

Building and Land Register 2016-2017


To view a copy of members Declarations of Interests, please contact the clerk.